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Pity the (April) fool!

In today’s column, I gave you Martha Stewart’s recipe for a meatloaf cake.
I first learned about meatloaf cake a couple of years ago when a friend forwarded me a link to BlackWidowBakery.com’s meatcake. I love the T-bone frosting. Anyway, apparently the web site made the rounds. Black Widow Bakery has a photo gallery full of [...]

Eggs get cute

This is the coolest thing ever:

 It’s an egg!
What a great idea for a fun, healthy Easter treat! Check out this post from JustBento.com for more information about egg molds, how to use them and where to find them.

An easy way to search food blogs

Vanilla Garlic tipped me off to a new recipe search engine created by another food blogger (yes, there are a lot of us) over at Simply Recipes.
Food Blog Search uses Google technology to search more than 1,000 food blogs (with more blogs being added to the list of sites searched every day). It’s pretty cool — and a [...]