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August in Madison. Part 1.

It’s fair to say that around here the last couple of weeks have been a little something like this:

Lucky for me, my husband knows that the best cure for such times is a roadtrip, so he swept me off to Madison for my first ever (finally!) trip to the Dane County Farmers Market.

The Dane County [...]

Farmers Market find

Why are tiny versions of everyday things always irresistibly cute?
I mean, these eggplants. They kill me.

Each one is about the size of your thumb. I found them at the farmers market on Saturday. The woman selling them promised that these little guys — they’re called Fairy Tale Eggplants (Look, even the name is adorable!) — [...]

Play with your food

Why didn’t I think of this when I had more CSA vegetables than I could eat?

Vegetable humor

Vegetable humor from today’s Dear Abby column:
“I’m an inveterate punster — ‘If I put a leafy green vegetable on the barbecue, will it be chard?’”
Abby advises the punster to keep his puns to himself. I disagree. Anyone else have a good food pun to share?

CSA, week 2

I am convinced it’d be easier to snack healthfully if I had farm-fresh produce arriving at my house weekly all year round.
Last night, while cooking up a batch of Martha Stewart’sĀ Chicken with GingerĀ – with extra veggies from this week’s CSA share thrown in — I munched on a handful of peas. Fresh, crispy and with [...]

Iowa produce list

One thing I didn’t have space to include in today’s cover story about CSA farms is a list of typical Iowa CSA crops and harvest times. Specific crops, of course, vary by farmer, but here’s an idea of what you might expect to find in a CSA share — or at a farmers market — [...]