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i like you, Minneapolis

I love traveling on the weekend when Daylight Savings ends. It’s like a free hour of vacation.
So, Halloween weekend, (I know, I’m about two weeks behind here), we drove up to Minneapolis for:
1. A lot of great food, including breakfast tacos at Moose &  Sadies (below); burgers, tots, and beer at Bulldog Northeast (they had me [...]

Putting miles on my Birdie Sling

I’m starting to notice a theme in my travel photos. It goes a little something like this:
Anne in Chicago with a Birdie Sling over her shoulder.
Anne in Madison with a Birdie Sling over her shoulder.
Anne in Boston with a Birdie Sling over her shoulder.
Anne in Minneapolis with a Birdie Sling over her shoulder…
You get the [...]

Coming soon…

The travel gnome and I are back from a fabulous week-long trip to the East Coast, where we celebrated the very happy occasion of an old friend’s wedding; got schooled on our nation’s history on Boston’s Freedom Trail; dodged taxis and texting-while-walking New Yorkers in Manhattan between visits to museums, shops, eateries, and a really [...]

Madison, part 2: craftiness

OK. So. After hours of ogling fruits and veggies and cheeses and flowers at the farmers market, I discovered another most-stop spot in Madison. This one has nothing to do with food. This one is all about craftiness: A little shop of handmade goods called Anthology.

I want to live there.

August in Madison. Part 1.

It’s fair to say that around here the last couple of weeks have been a little something like this:

Lucky for me, my husband knows that the best cure for such times is a roadtrip, so he swept me off to Madison for my first ever (finally!) trip to the Dane County Farmers Market.

The Dane County [...]

Forbidden fruit

Sara is a good friend. For many reasons. But for the purposes of this blog today, she is a good friend because of her ability to rationalize (and therefore encourage) just about anything.

Of course, she uses these powers only for good. Like when encouraging me to spend nearly $30 on a case of hard-to-find produce [...]