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One of these zigs is not like the others….

I started following Kate Conklin Designs’ blog after I stumbled across this amazingly beautiful quilt she posted a couple of months ago.¬†When her most recent post popped up in my reader today, it couldn’t have been more timely. It’s a link to a giveaway (yay), and — the relevant part here — a question about [...]

Baby gift set

I had a lot of fun making this little gift set for a friend’s baby shower gift. The Michael Miller word search print seemed like a great fit for the child of one of one of my former newspaper colleagues.
Those letters can be tricky though. Cut out a funny little shape like the tie for [...]

My furry fabricweight

Peeps has been helping me work on a few gifts for a friend’s baby shower this weekend.

She loves that soft, fuzzy minky. And protests loudly whenever I move her away from it… or even approach her making motions like I’m about to throw her off the table (and my fabric) yet again.


Coming soon…

OK, so, here’s the reason why it’s been so quiet on this blog over the past few months.

Wait, let me show you that photo again. Because, actually, there’s not one, but TWO reasons why this blog has been so quiet over past few months.

This fall, my family is doubling. We’re expecting twins! We’re so, so [...]

Fabric bins

A post on fabric basket and bin tutorials on How About Orange today reminded me that I have some photos that have been patiently sitting in my queue, waiting for me to write another post so I can do a little show-and-tell.
Fabric bins! For storing (what else?) fabric!

Well, fabric and one spotlight-loving kitty.

I used some [...]

Spring applique

I was thrilled when I spotted some adorable purple and white baby and toddler long-sleeved shirts on sale at Target a few weeks ago. They made the perfect base for some spring time shapes made with this sweet April shower print (actually called Hushabye Droplets) from Tula Pink.

I definitely needed some spring thinking. I’m looking [...]