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i like you, Minneapolis

I love traveling on the weekend when Daylight Savings ends. It’s like a free hour of vacation.
So, Halloween weekend, (I know, I’m about two weeks behind here), we drove up to Minneapolis for:
1. A lot of great food, including breakfast tacos at Moose &  Sadies (below); burgers, tots, and beer at Bulldog Northeast (they had me [...]

The secret to great guac

Eastern Iowans, listen up. Tomorrow morning, when you stop by your favorite convenience store or supermarket or coffee shop, keep your eyes peeled for the newest issue of Hoopla. What’s Hoopla? A weekly entertainment magazine written for and by young adults about everything from nightlife to networking.
But if you’re an old adult, that’s OK. You’re still allowed [...]

Lunch, dinner and popovers

It’s been a while!
First: Two new lunch options in downtown Cedar Rapids!

The Prairie Soup Company, owned and operated by Ryan and Katy Buresh, serves homemade soups and sandwiches from their location on the second floor of the APEC building. 
Benz Beverage Depot is offering grab-and-go “European Lunches” featuring artisan or imported cheeses and sliced cured meats [...]

Notes from Portland

I spent most of last week in Portland, visiting some old friends and their new baby. And their kitchen.
The good news: In my month without a kitchen of my own, I haven’t forgotten how to cook. (Though I did manage to fill the entire first floor of their condo with smoke while making Peach-Spiced Lamb Chops on a [...]

Where to go for CR’s best cheap eats?

Since we’re talking about my upcoming kitchen remodel, I could use some recommendations.
While my husband and I hope to use our grill and microwave to prepare some meals while our kitchen is, um, dismantled, we also know we’re going to end up eating a lot more restaurant food than usual.
What are your favorite places for good, inexpensive, [...]