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Party mix

The number of hits on my homemade thin mints post must mean I’m not the only one in the midst of a week-long marathon of holiday baking. All week I’ve been making and freezing dough for lemon cream cheese meltaways (a new recipe for me), thin mints (yum!), snickerdoodle pinwheels (a disastrous sticky dough experience [...]

Strawberry salsa

On a sunny mid-summer afternoon, few foods are tastier and more refreshing than salsa made with tomatoes, cilantro and peppers straight from the garden. (Or, if you garden like I do, from the farmers market.)
But this is not July or August. And the tomatoes are not yet ready to go front and center on the [...]

The secret to great guac

Eastern Iowans, listen up. Tomorrow morning, when you stop by your favorite convenience store or supermarket or coffee shop, keep your eyes peeled for the newest issue of Hoopla. What’s Hoopla? A weekly entertainment magazine written for and by young adults about everything from nightlife to networking.
But if you’re an old adult, that’s OK. You’re still allowed [...]

Mourn Pushing Daisies with pie

Oh “Pushing Daisies,” how I will miss your whimsical set, your quirky characters, your clever dialogue…. your homeopathic mood-enhanced fruit pies with Grueyere baked into the crust.
Wait. Stop. Strike that last item. I won’t miss those pies; not now that I’ve figured out how to cook up my very own Gruyere-crusted pear-apple pie (no additional [...]

Cupcakes take the cake

Since today’s column was all about cupcakes, I now present the top 3 reasons to love The Cupcake:
1. You get to eat an ENTIRE (cup)CAKE in one sitting. All by yourself. No sharing required.
2. An excellent cake-to-frosting ratio.
3. Endless potential for cute, clever and creative designs. 
The column hasn’t been posted to GazetteOnline yet, but you [...]

Eggplant, Indian style

Every time I go to Taste of India, I look over the entire menu and consider trying a new dish. The aloo gabhi (fresh cauliflower and sauteed potatoes stir-fried with ginger and mild spices) always sounds good, tandori chicken is an old favorite, and I have a hard time passing up lamb anything.
But ever since [...]