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My Guy’s got a Green Thumb

$2 at a neighborhood garage sale.
Worth every penny.
Hulk Smash!

Lemon Cello!

Ha ha. Lemon Cello.
Oh, Craftzine, I’m a sucker for food puns, too.


Oh, I am a bad blogger. I know.
I blame my husband. He has taken over most of the cooking in our house. I go to the grocery store on Sunday, stock up on food for the week, tell him what I want for dinner, then arrive home each evening to find it bubbling or baking [...]

Fun ideas for holiday gifts

Dear Santa,
Thank you for your generosity for the last 28 Christmases. You really came through for me  – even that year when I had to spend Christmas at Grandma & Grandpa’s house — you know, that one that was miles from home and had no fireplace or chimney? I can’t believe you found me! Anyway, I really [...]

Vegetable humor

Vegetable humor from today’s Dear Abby column:
“I’m an inveterate punster — ‘If I put a leafy green vegetable on the barbecue, will it be chard?’”
Abby advises the punster to keep his puns to himself. I disagree. Anyone else have a good food pun to share?

Burrito love, or what kind of Mexican food are you?

We don’t have a Qdoba Mexican Grill around here, but don’t let that stop you from checking out their quiz that answers the question, “If you were a Mexican food, what kind of Mexican food would you be?” 
The quiz is the result of a scientific research study from Dr. Alan Hirsch of the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research [...]