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One of these zigs is not like the others….

I started following Kate Conklin Designs’ blog after I stumbled across this amazingly beautiful quilt she posted a couple of months ago.¬†When her most recent post popped up in my reader today, it couldn’t have been more timely. It’s a link to a giveaway (yay), and — the relevant part here — a question about [...]

Birdhouse Mixtape Quilt

I really dig the simple, modern look of Oh, Fransson’s Mixtape Quilts, so I used my friends’ baby boy (due next month!) as an excuse to buy the pattern and try making one.

(This picture, obviously, is a couple of months old — my yard is now covered with snow, not leaves.)
I (re) learned a couple [...]

Fun on the Farm baby quilt

If you’re a regular reader of Pearl the Squirrel, this quilt is old news.
But I’m gonna post it anyway. Quilt No. 3 for me, and my first joint sewing project: a colorful baby quilt for my work friend Sondra and her new baby girl, Emily.

Sondra and her family live on a farm (with livestock and [...]

Mod Pod Quilt

Just when I think there’s no line of sewing nerddom that I have yet to cross, I find another: Sewing a quilt in an airport.
I wanted to take the quilt on the plane with me anyway. It was a wedding gift for a friend getting married in Boston. But it wasn’t quite done by the [...]

Coming soon…

The travel gnome and I are back from a fabulous week-long trip to the East Coast, where we celebrated the very happy occasion of an old friend’s wedding; got schooled on our nation’s history on Boston’s Freedom Trail; dodged taxis and texting-while-walking New Yorkers in Manhattan between visits to museums, shops, eateries, and a really [...]

Stacked Coins Baby Quilt

I’ve wanting to share this for weeks! My first finished quilt!

I had be all hush-hush about it because the quilt was a gift for my friend Jill, who’s having a baby girl in September. Now, after a fun afternoon of gossiping, onsie-decorating, and cheesy ’80s movie watching (aka the baby shower), the quilt is in [...]