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Patchwork pillows

I was having a conversation with a friend a while back about our sewing styles.
She likes to take raw materials and piece together something new. No pattern. No tutorials. Just experimenting and creating.
I, on the other hand, generally like to leave the hard work up to other people. I prefer to let them take the [...]

Bibs and burps

So many babies in my world! So many opportunities to make little gifts!
This week I did some more sewing for another expecting friend: A set of four burp cloths, a la Chickpea Sewing Studio’s diaper burp cloth tutorial (extra hint: iron the diapers so they’re nice and flat before you start cutting and sewing), and [...]

Stacked Coins Baby Quilt

I’ve wanting to share this for weeks! My first finished quilt!

I had be all hush-hush about it because the quilt was a gift for my friend Jill, who’s having a baby girl in September. Now, after a fun afternoon of gossiping, onsie-decorating, and cheesy ’80s movie watching (aka the baby shower), the quilt is in [...]