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Wrapping up the kitchen remodel

Since March, I’ve written a few posts about the great kitchen remodeling project of 08.
We’ve been done for a while, but I wanted to wait to post the results until we had all the little details done. Once the kitchen was in working order again, the project slowed down a bit. There just wasn’t that same [...]

The piecemeal kitchen

It’s been just over a month since I last wrote about the kitchen remodel. Lest you think the project is in shambles, a photo:

I have cabinets! (And a power tool!)
It’s been a busy month. With the exception of the week that I spent visiting friends in Portland, my husband and I have been spending every [...]

Rebuilding the kitchen

Lessons learned in the first week of remodeling:
1. Just because everything in your kitchen has been working OK for the last 5 years does not mean your wiring is up to code. Budget for an electrician. That includes both time and money. Double both estimates.
2. Eating dinner on the couch is fun for one day. Maybe. [...]

A full Dumpster and an empty kitchen

There used to be a kitchen there! 
Thanks to some help (actually, A LOT of help) from my in-laws, we were able to tear down the entire kitchen on Saturday. It was a long day, but went much more quickly than we’d anticipated. (Especially since the tear-down crew was down to three while I took a very long lunch [...]

Ready to remodel

It’s been two days since we packed up the kitchen, and I already miss it! The cat, however, is enjoying free run of the newly doorless cabinets.

He only has one day left to play, though. The cabinets — and the walls — come down tomorrow.  Wish us luck.

Where to go for CR’s best cheap eats?

Since we’re talking about my upcoming kitchen remodel, I could use some recommendations.
While my husband and I hope to use our grill and microwave to prepare some meals while our kitchen is, um, dismantled, we also know we’re going to end up eating a lot more restaurant food than usual.
What are your favorite places for good, inexpensive, [...]