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An excuse to shop: Bags for a good cause

My time with Buttercup Bag No. 4 was short. It’s better that way, though. I was starting to get a little attached.
I made her Monday evening, photographed her before leaving for work Tuesday morning, and handed her over to the lovely ladies at Home Ec. Workshop several hours later during my lunch break.
She’s one of [...]

The lazy girl’s guide to recovering a chair

I have a new chair for my sewing room!

Well, sort of new.
As in, everything you see in the above photo is new: the cherry red paint on the legs, the fabric covering the frame…
The actual chair underneath, though, well, that’s probably older than me.

Making a sewing studio

One of the funnest things about moving into a new house is making the space yours. Painting and picture-hanging and curtain-making — you know, all the things that bring a space to life and reflect the tastes and personality of the person living there.
Last summer my husband and I moved into what might be my [...]