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Fabric for the nursery

Look what arrived on my doorstep yesterday!

I spotted this fabric from David Walker a long time ago at the local quilt shop and thought it would be adorable for gifts for a baby boy. So as soon as we found out that the twins who’ll be joining us this fall are both boys, I immediately [...]

My new sewing studio

Um, hello, yes, I’m still here.
It’s been almost a year since I first posted about my sewing studio remodel. Since then, I loved, then loathed, the bright orange paint I chose for the walls, rearranged the furniture about 3 times, repainted, re-floored (or, rather, talked my husband into laying a new floor during his holiday [...]

Fabric bins

A post on fabric basket and bin tutorials on How About Orange today reminded me that I have some photos that have been patiently sitting in my queue, waiting for me to write another post so I can do a little show-and-tell.
Fabric bins! For storing (what else?) fabric!

Well, fabric and one spotlight-loving kitty.

I used some [...]

The lazy girl’s guide to recovering a chair

I have a new chair for my sewing room!

Well, sort of new.
As in, everything you see in the above photo is new: the cherry red paint on the legs, the fabric covering the frame…
The actual chair underneath, though, well, that’s probably older than me.

My $5 Orla Kiely storage basket

I think I’m going to put together some sort of warning list: Signs of a woman newly obsessed with sewing.

Del.icio.us bookmarks dominated by tags like “diy” “sewing tutorial” and “fabric.” Check.
A Friday night happily spent chilling out with the sewing machine, a stack of fabric, and an iPod full of tunes. Check.
Sewing/craft blogs overtake Google [...]

Making a sewing studio

One of the funnest things about moving into a new house is making the space yours. Painting and picture-hanging and curtain-making — you know, all the things that bring a space to life and reflect the tastes and personality of the person living there.
Last summer my husband and I moved into what might be my [...]