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You can’t beat a Babka

I first heard about babka on Seinfeld…

…but it was my friend Kendra who really introduced me to this soft buttery bread filled with rich chocolate smear (Yes, you can make it with a cinnamon filling, too, but I agree with Elaine: A cinnamon babka is a lesser babka.) when she was working at a bakery [...]

Christmas cookie FAIL

I wanted to log into this blog and write a lovely, festive, make-your-mouth-water post about Christmas cookies. I really did.
I wanted to show you a beautiful plate of cookies like this (only, you know, ones that *I* baked):
But the kitchen gods had other plans. And my attempt to make Christmas tree shaped spritz cookies was [...]

Gift guide

Cheap, Healthy, Good has a great post today for anyone who’s still doing holiday shopping: “The Practical Guide to Christmas Gifts for Foodies”  
Hint: That coffee mug above is a don’t.