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Toddler Backpack

Now that I know that this gift has arrived safely in its birthday boy recipient’s little hands, I can finally show off my (er, Colden’s) toddler backpack!
This project was so. much. fun.

The pattern is from Made By Rae. I knew I had to try it the minute I saw it on her blog. I bought [...]

Christmas gifts I made

There are two potential problems with this post:
1) It’s nearly two weeks after Christmas.
2) I don’t have photographs of most of the gifts I made. Either because I forgot, or because I was a lazy photographer and the pictures didn’t turn out very well.
But. Really.
1) I couldn’t post about Christmas gifts before they were given! [...]

Quick post: Chopstick placemat

Look what I made for my sister, the girl who could eat Asian food every day of the week and be one happy cat. Placemats with chopstick pockets:

I thought this idea was so simple and cute when I first saw it in “Simple Sewing.” It was a fun, quick project, and a good excuse to [...]

Putting miles on my Birdie Sling

I’m starting to notice a theme in my travel photos. It goes a little something like this:
Anne in Chicago with a Birdie Sling over her shoulder.
Anne in Madison with a Birdie Sling over her shoulder.
Anne in Boston with a Birdie Sling over her shoulder.
Anne in Minneapolis with a Birdie Sling over her shoulder…
You get the [...]

Three little pigs

Look what my friend Linzee brought me from Quilt Market!

I must have mentioned to her one day how much I adore Japanese fabrics. I love this. The full charm pack includes a couple more patterns, but this one was my favorite. So cute.
I know it’s been quiet around here. My sewing machine’s been busy though. [...]

Mod Pod Quilt

Just when I think there’s no line of sewing nerddom that I have yet to cross, I find another: Sewing a quilt in an airport.
I wanted to take the quilt on the plane with me anyway. It was a wedding gift for a friend getting married in Boston. But it wasn’t quite done by the [...]