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Iowa strawberries

It was totally worth all the hassle of dodging umbrellas and skipping over puddles of water during this morning’s rainy Downtown Farmers Market to find this:

Fresh Iowa strawberries.
You don’t get bright yellow seeds like that on commercial strawberries shipped in from across the country. These are so pretty I almost don’t want to eat them. [...]

Forbidden fruit

Sara is a good friend. For many reasons. But for the purposes of this blog today, she is a good friend because of her ability to rationalize (and therefore encourage) just about anything.

Of course, she uses these powers only for good. Like when encouraging me to spend nearly $30 on a case of hard-to-find produce [...]


Oh, I am a bad blogger. I know.
I blame my husband. He has taken over most of the cooking in our house. I go to the grocery store on Sunday, stock up on food for the week, tell him what I want for dinner, then arrive home each evening to find it bubbling or baking [...]