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Geeking out about pie

That’s right. Apple pie. With a capitol A.
Since we’re talking about pie lately, I have to tell you: I am — in a very geeky sort of way — in love with this Apple apple pie from Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories.

Maybe I could make it with a Gruyere crust…
Thanks to Serious Eats for the heads [...]

CSA, week 3

Considering the weather, I didn’t really even expect to get any veggies from my CSA this week. But, amazingly, not only did ZJ Farms survive the powerful winds and damaging floods (minus one 102-year-old barn), the folks there were able to get out into the muddy fields to harvest fresh veggies.
So, here’s the full share [...]

A sweet send off: Two cupcake recipes

I decided to send my oven off on a sweet note by spending Sunday morning experimenting with cupcake recipes I found on other food blogs.
First, Billy’s Vanilla, Vanilla Cupcakes from “The Cupcake Queen” at 52 Cupcakes, because I. Love. Vanilla.
Second, a slightly modified version of Bailey’s Mint Chocolate Chip Cupcakes from Baking Bites, because Bailey’s [...]

An easy way to search food blogs

Vanilla Garlic tipped me off to a new recipe search engine created by another food blogger (yes, there are a lot of us) over at Simply Recipes.
Food Blog Search uses Google technology to search more than 1,000 food blogs (with more blogs being added to the list of sites searched every day). It’s pretty cool — and a [...]