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CSA, Week 1

My CSA has begun! Week 1 came a little later than usual, thanks to the cold and rainy spring, but from the looks of our first box, it was worth the wait.

I was out of town for our first pick-up date (Monday, 6/2), but I’m splitting a small share with fellow Gazette reporter Carly Weber, [...]

Joining a CSA farm

After talking with CSA farmers and supporters for a story that ran last month, I was convinced that I needed to try one out. Everyone was just so enthusastic about the quality of food, the culinary challenges of using the ingredients (rather than the recipe) as your starting point when planning a meal, and the [...]

Iowa produce list

One thing I didn’t have space to include in today’s cover story about CSA farms is a list of typical Iowa CSA crops and harvest times. Specific crops, of course, vary by farmer, but here’s an idea of what you might expect to find in a CSA share — or at a farmers market — [...]