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My furry fabricweight

Peeps has been helping me work on a few gifts for a friend’s baby shower this weekend.

She loves that soft, fuzzy minky. And protests loudly whenever I move her away from it… or even approach her making motions like I’m about to throw her off the table (and my fabric) yet again.


Fabric bins

A post on fabric basket and bin tutorials on How About Orange today reminded me that I have some photos that have been patiently sitting in my queue, waiting for me to write another post so I can do a little show-and-tell.
Fabric bins! For storing (what else?) fabric!

Well, fabric and one spotlight-loving kitty.

I used some [...]

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Birdhouse Mixtape Quilt

I really dig the simple, modern look of Oh, Fransson’s Mixtape Quilts, so I used my friends’ baby boy (due next month!) as an excuse to buy the pattern and try making one.

(This picture, obviously, is a couple of months old — my yard is now covered with snow, not leaves.)
I (re) learned a couple [...]

Snow Day

Fun on the Farm baby quilt

If you’re a regular reader of Pearl the Squirrel, this quilt is old news.
But I’m gonna post it anyway. Quilt No. 3 for me, and my first joint sewing project: a colorful baby quilt for my work friend Sondra and her new baby girl, Emily.

Sondra and her family live on a farm (with livestock and [...]