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This is what May tastes like

If it’s May, that means it’s time for baking with rhubarb! I still don’t have my own rhubarb plant, which means that around this time of year I have to hope that friends with better gardening skills than I are generous enough to share a bit of their bounty.
When my husband brought back a bag [...]

Easter shortbread

Jamie shared her basic “base” recipe, which I modified a bit, because I wanted to scale back the recipe. I added pumpkin pie spice too, but you could omit that and throw in whatever zests, nuts or spices you like best.
click through for the recipe

Sugar cookies I can’t put down

This recipe could be dangerous. Very, very dangerous.

Those cookies look innocent enough, right? Simple, unassuming sugar cookies. Plain Jane. Run-of-the-Mill. Ho-hum. Take ‘em or leave ‘em. Been there, tasted that. Yadda, yadda, yadda.
But there are two things you should know
One: This is THE BEST sugar cookie I’ve ever tasted. Satisfyingly soft and chewy in the [...]

No more waiting for Thin Mints

*This post was featured on The Kitchn on 3/4/09!
The Girl Scouts are such teases.
Each winter, they come around with their cookie order forms, and their sales pitches for thin mints and caramel delights and peanut butter patties. They entice you to forget your New Year’s resolutions and order a box or two or ten of [...]

No-Knead bread in 5 1/2 hours

There are certain advantages to working from home.
Pajama pants, a kitten who likes to curl up my lap while I sit at the computer, the ability to listen to music without headphones,  and…
This “speedy” version of No-Knead Bread takes about 5 1/2 hours to make, start to finish, but only about 10 minutes of actual [...]

You can’t beat a Babka

I first heard about babka on Seinfeld…

…but it was my friend Kendra who really introduced me to this soft buttery bread filled with rich chocolate smear (Yes, you can make it with a cinnamon filling, too, but I agree with Elaine: A cinnamon babka is a lesser babka.) when she was working at a bakery [...]