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Toddler Backpack

Now that I know that this gift has arrived safely in its birthday boy recipient’s little hands, I can finally show off my (er, Colden’s) toddler backpack!
This project was so. much. fun.

The pattern is from Made By Rae. I knew I had to try it the minute I saw it on her blog. I bought [...]

Putting miles on my Birdie Sling

I’m starting to notice a theme in my travel photos. It goes a little something like this:
Anne in Chicago with a Birdie Sling over her shoulder.
Anne in Madison with a Birdie Sling over her shoulder.
Anne in Boston with a Birdie Sling over her shoulder.
Anne in Minneapolis with a Birdie Sling over her shoulder…
You get the [...]

An excuse to shop: Bags for a good cause

My time with Buttercup Bag No. 4 was short. It’s better that way, though. I was starting to get a little attached.
I made her Monday evening, photographed her before leaving for work Tuesday morning, and handed her over to the lovely ladies at Home Ec. Workshop several hours later during my lunch break.
She’s one of [...]

Build me up, Buttercup

Now that my Mother’s Day gifts have reached their new owners, I can tell you how obsessed I am with the Buttercup Bag pattern over on Made By Rae.
The design is super cute, the directions are easy to follow, and the pattern gives me the perfect excuse to buy a fat quarter of fabric I’ve [...]

Coming out of the (fabric) closet

It’s time to face the facts and stop denying the inevitable: I’m a sewist.
Why inevitable? Because just as I grew up watching and helping my parents cook delicious meals and baked goods, I also grew up watching (and sometimes helping… mostly by providing project inspiration) my mom sew. And while she tried to encourage me [...]