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Baby gift set

I had a lot of fun making this little gift set for a friend’s baby shower gift. The Michael Miller word search print seemed like a great fit for the child of one of one of my former newspaper colleagues.
Those letters can be tricky though. Cut out a funny little shape like the tie for [...]

Spring applique

I was thrilled when I spotted some adorable purple and white baby and toddler long-sleeved shirts on sale at Target a few weeks ago. They made the perfect base for some spring time shapes made with this sweet April shower print (actually called Hushabye Droplets) from Tula Pink.

I definitely needed some spring thinking. I’m looking [...]

The Shop Next Door’s Grand Opening

Hey Iowa blog readers (Mom), check it out. The Shop Next Door is open!

And it’s kicking off December with a Grand Opening Party tomorrow (Dec. 1) from 5 to 8 p.m. Organizers promise coffee and food, both of which are pretty much guarenteed to be good, since the shop is owned by the same folks [...]

Fun on the Farm baby quilt

If you’re a regular reader of Pearl the Squirrel, this quilt is old news.
But I’m gonna post it anyway. Quilt No. 3 for me, and my first joint sewing project: a colorful baby quilt for my work friend Sondra and her new baby girl, Emily.

Sondra and her family live on a farm (with livestock and [...]

A foray into applique

A handmade gift for my new nephew Nathan:

There will be more later, I think. (Appliques, not nephews.) They’re kind of addictive.

Bibs and burps

So many babies in my world! So many opportunities to make little gifts!
This week I did some more sewing for another expecting friend: A set of four burp cloths, a la Chickpea Sewing Studio’s diaper burp cloth tutorial (extra hint: iron the diapers so they’re nice and flat before you start cutting and sewing), and [...]