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i like you, Minneapolis

I love traveling on the weekend when Daylight Savings ends. It’s like a free hour of vacation.

So, Halloween weekend, (I know, I’m about two weeks behind here), we drove up to Minneapolis for:

1. A lot of great food, including breakfast tacos at Moose &  Sadies (below); burgers, tots, and beer at Bulldog Northeast (they had me at “tots”);  contemporary Mediterranean/Middle Eastern cuisine at Saffron Lounge (I almost always go for good Mediterranean food while traveling to a big city, because you can’t find much of it here at home); and an amazing pile of huevos rancheros and delicious vegetable benedict at Hell’s Kitchen (could I eat brunch there every Sunday, please?).

2. A Ben Folds show featuring Sonny and Cher costumes, a ghost drummer, and an auditorium full of fans wearing dark-rimmed Ben Folds glasses. (We got there a half-hour before the show and were still too late to snag a pair!)

3. Shopping, including a stop at i like you, a fantastic local shop full of fun handmade items including prints, silk-screened t-shirts, jewelry, soaps, hats and scarfs, and softies, like this upcycled sweater cat that I couldn’t resist bringing home with me:

The store reminded me of Anthology in Madison, which I wrote about a couple of months ago, but with a Minneapolis flavor. You can find a bunch of photos of the store on its Facebook page here and read a little more about it here.

These sorts of shops, which are like little brick-and-mortar estys, are quickly becoming my favorite things to seek out in other cities. I can’t wait to have one in my very own hometown.

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Putting miles on my Birdie Sling

The Birdie Sling visits Boston Public Gardens

I’m starting to notice a theme in my travel photos. It goes a little something like this:

Anne in Chicago with a Birdie Sling over her shoulder.

Anne in Madison with a Birdie Sling over her shoulder.

Anne in Boston with a Birdie Sling over her shoulder.

Anne in Minneapolis with a Birdie Sling over her shoulder…

You get the idea.

It’s not that I’m trying to rack up the mileage on my Birdie Sling, or show off my mad sewing skillz everywhere I go. It’s just that I’m learning that there’s a reason this bag is so popular: it’s the perfect travel bag.

It’s the shoulder strap that really won me over. It’s curved just so, and sits just right on my shoulder. It never digs into my shoulder, slips down my arm or needs readjusting.

The size is just right for travel, too. It’s big enough to hold everything: a light jacket, an SLR camera, a water bottle, books, and small purchases from fun shops, but small enough that no one ever makes me check my bag when I walk into one of those shops that won’t let you bring in anything other than a purse.

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Coming soon…

The travel gnome and I are back from a fabulous week-long trip to the East Coast, where we celebrated the very happy occasion of an old friend’s wedding; got schooled on our nation’s history on Boston’s Freedom Trail; dodged taxis and texting-while-walking New Yorkers in Manhattan between visits to museums, shops, eateries, and a really great Broadway musical; and ate the world’s best dark chocolate chocolate chip cookie.

And now, I can finally share that big project I was working on! Just as soon as I find time to get the rest of the photos downloaded from my camera that is…

In the meantime, another peak.

More soon! I love the way this turned out!

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Madison, part 2: craftiness

OK. So. After hours of ogling fruits and veggies and cheeses and flowers at the farmers market, I discovered another most-stop spot in Madison. This one has nothing to do with food. This one is all about craftiness: A little shop of handmade goods called Anthology.

I want to live there.

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August in Madison. Part 1.

It’s fair to say that around here the last couple of weeks have been a little something like this:

little cloud

Lucky for me, my husband knows that the best cure for such times is a roadtrip, so he swept me off to Madison for my first ever (finally!) trip to the Dane County Farmers Market.

The Dane County Farmers Market claims to be the largest producer-only farmers market in the country. I’d heard that it was big, that it was stocked full of fruits and vegetables and flowers and breads and cheeses (Oh, Wisconsin, how I love your cheeses!),  that it could easily take up an entire morning… yet I still wasn’t prepared for sheer size and variety of foods for sale. It was amazing. I was in heaven.

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A Photo Booth 4th

Pardon me while I make one more post about our fab photo booth.

Last night we took the booth to 4th of July festivities in my hometown and had a blast. The booth was hopping for 5 hours straight. It was fun to have the diverse crowd that a community festival like a fireworks show attracts. Our booth saw a few firsts, including:

a dog


It’s hard not to be a little bit starstruck by Spiderman. Even if you do know that it’s really just an actor dressed up in a padded spandex suit.

Here’s one last picture of our booth at the Freedom Festival as people stood in line for their turn while waiting for the fireworks show to start:

Big thanks to the Freedom Festival for making us a part of this year’s events.

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