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One of these zigs is not like the others….

I started following Kate Conklin Designs’ blog after I stumbled across this amazingly beautiful quilt she posted a couple of months ago. When her most recent post popped up in my reader today, it couldn’t have been more timely. It’s a link to a giveaway (yay), and — the relevant part here — a question about a mistake you’ve made while quilting.

So, I’m going to post the quilt top that I finished this weekend. It is definitely not my biggest sewing mistake. And it’ll be an easy fix since I caught it before doing any basting or quilting. Take a look and maybe you’ll notice more quickly than I did that there’s something a little bit off…

My last row zags where it supposed to zig! I didn’t even notice until after I’d taken a photo, loaded it onto my computer, cropped it, and uploaded it to flickr.

Another benefit of blogging: Catching mistakes early via photographic evidence!

This quilt top was actually a breeze to put together thanks to the great tutorial on purl bee. Good thing, too, since I’m hoping to do two of them, each with different colored zigs, for my twins-on-the-way.

I have been doing some other baby sewing, too, but I’ll have to wait until the nursery is set-up to show off things like crib bedding. And I keep thinking that it’ll be so much more fun to take pictures of the pairs of pants and bloomers and other wearables after they’re on some little models than it would be to photograph them now!

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Fabric for the nursery

Look what arrived on my doorstep yesterday!

I spotted this fabric from David Walker a long time ago at the local quilt shop and thought it would be adorable for gifts for a baby boy. So as soon as we found out that the twins who’ll be joining us this fall are both boys, I immediately knew how I wanted to decorate their nursery.

How cute is that robot dog with his little wheel feet?!

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Baby gift set

I had a lot of fun making this little gift set for a friend’s baby shower gift. The Michael Miller word search print seemed like a great fit for the child of one of one of my former newspaper colleagues.

Those letters can be tricky though. Cut out a funny little shape like the tie for that onesie, and words start popping up that you’re not sure are appropriate to emblazon on a little boy’s chest. Don’t worry. I think this tie passes the censors.

In addition to the applique onesie, I made Get the whole story »

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My furry fabricweight

Peeps has been helping me work on a few gifts for a friend’s baby shower this weekend.

She loves that soft, fuzzy minky. And protests loudly whenever I move her away from it… or even approach her making motions like I’m about to throw her off the table (and my fabric) yet again.


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My May Giveaway Day Win

Look what came in the mail yesterday!

These lovely fabric note cards were made by Tara at the tiny hummingbird, and I was totally thrilled to win them in this month’s Sew, Mama, Sew giveaway day! They are pretty note cards (I hope Tara doesn’t mind if I use these as inspiration for some future note cards of my own!), and, you know, it’s always a bit of a thrill to win something, but also, I really like Tara’s blog. She has great style, so looking through the projects she’s posted was fun, AND we’re both expecting babies in October, so she felt like a bit of a kindred blogger spirit.

Thanks to Sew, Mama, Sew for organizing the giveaway day and helping me stumble upon some new blogs to add to my regular reads!

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Coming soon…

OK, so, here’s the reason why it’s been so quiet on this blog over the past few months.

Wait, let me show you that photo again. Because, actually, there’s not one, but TWO reasons why this blog has been so quiet over past few months.

This fall, my family is doubling. We’re expecting twins! We’re so, so excited! And my sewing project list is growing and growing and growing thanks to a some generous gifts (like a couple of the books above), and too many blog and magazine patterns and tutorials to count. I can’t believe how many great, fun, creative patterns (and fabrics!) there are out there for little ones.

So, why’s it been so quiet? Well, I haven’t actually started on any of those projects yet. I think I spent most of my free time during the first 3+ months of this pregnancy sleeping. But, my energy’s back and I’m ready to get starting making some gifts for these new little people we’ll be meeting in October.

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