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My Guy’s got a Green Thumb

$2 at a neighborhood garage sale.

Worth every penny.

Hulk Smash!

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A Photo Booth 4th

Pardon me while I make one more post about our fab photo booth.

Last night we took the booth to 4th of July festivities in my hometown and had a blast. The booth was hopping for 5 hours straight. It was fun to have the diverse crowd that a community festival like a fireworks show attracts. Our booth saw a few firsts, including:

a dog


It’s hard not to be a little bit starstruck by Spiderman. Even if you do know that it’s really just an actor dressed up in a padded spandex suit.

Here’s one last picture of our booth at the Freedom Festival as people stood in line for their turn while waiting for the fireworks show to start:

Big thanks to the Freedom Festival for making us a part of this year’s events.

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My favorite Iowa spring things

Lilacs (In my backyard! Hurray!):

Rhubarb (From my very generous friend Noel’s backyard! Yay!):

My mouth is already watering for tarts and crisps and slumps and perhaps some preserves or chutney…

If you need me, I’ll be spending the rest of the holiday weekend looking for new rhubarb recipes, cooking new rhubarb recipes, and eating new rhubarb recipes while gazing out my kitchen window at the lilac bush that I didn’t know I had.

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Lemon Cello!

Ha ha. Lemon Cello.



Oh, Craftzine, I’m a sucker for food puns, too.

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Oh, I am a bad blogger. I know.

I blame my husband. He has taken over most of the cooking in our house. I go to the grocery store on Sunday, stock up on food for the week, tell him what I want for dinner, then arrive home each evening to find it bubbling or baking or grilling away.

Who knew taking a job 30 miles from home would have such great benefits?! (And, yeah, my guy is pretty swell. Maybe I can get him to post here sometime.)

So, instead of a food post, a link to another post that made me smile this morning. And when you wake up to cold, rainy and windy after one glorious day of 60 degrees and sunny, a smile is exactly what you need.

More: #

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Geeking out about pie

That’s right. Apple pie. With a capitol A.

Since we’re talking about pie lately, I have to tell you: I am — in a very geeky sort of way — in love with this Apple apple pie from Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories.

Maybe I could make it with a Gruyere crust…

Thanks to Serious Eats for the heads up.

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