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My new sewing studio

Um, hello, yes, I’m still here.

It’s been almost a year since I first posted about my sewing studio remodel. Since then, I loved, then loathed, the bright orange paint I chose for the walls, rearranged the furniture about 3 times, repainted, re-floored (or, rather, talked my husband into laying a new floor during his holiday break), and redecorated.

Then I spent a few months breaking it in, and I think this time, the look is gonna stick. I love it.

For the before pics, head back to that first post.

Now, a tour!

sewing studio door

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Birdhouse Mixtape Quilt

I really dig the simple, modern look of Oh, Fransson’s Mixtape Quilts, so I used my friends’ baby boy (due next month!) as an excuse to buy the pattern and try making one.

(This picture, obviously, is a couple of months old — my yard is now covered with snow, not leaves.)

I (re) learned a couple of important lessons while making this, including: Get the whole story »

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Snow Day

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The lazy girl’s guide to recovering a chair

I have a new chair for my sewing room!

Well, sort of new.

As in, everything you see in the above photo is new: the cherry red paint on the legs, the fabric covering the frame…

The actual chair underneath, though, well, that’s probably older than me.

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Making a sewing studio

One of the funnest things about moving into a new house is making the space yours. Painting and picture-hanging and curtain-making — you know, all the things that bring a space to life and reflect the tastes and personality of the person living there.

Last summer my husband and I moved into what might be my dream house: a 90-year-old Arts & Crafts Foursquare in an old, tree-filled neighborhood. We have beamed ceilings, leaded windows, beautiful built-ins, and warm wood floors.

As soon as we moved in — actually, before we moved in — I claimed ownership of the small sun room overlooking our backyard. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do there, but I knew I loved having three walls of windows and a secret little balcony off to the side. So I directed our movers (ie: friends we bribed with pizza and microbrews) to drop my circa-1993 student desk and old kitchen table there. When I started sewing, this room is where I set up.

And it was nice. But in need of much improvement. The furniture was poorly organized, and barely fit in the room. The ceiling fan had no light, so at night the room got dark, making it hard to see what I was working on, even with the wall sconce turned on and two lamps brought into the room. Plus, the color wasn’t quite right.

The grayish-purple was probably perfect for this room when it was meant to be a relaxing spot to read a book or take an afternoon nap. But it wasn’t quite right for a room meant to inspire creativity. Besides, I spend all day surrounded by the muted neutral colors of office cubicals. I wanted something friendly, bright, cheery, and energetic. Something like this:

With a little bit of this:

And plenty of shelf space and storage solutions for books and patterns, fun knick-knacks, and tools like scissors and pins.

It’s coming along nicely. I hope there will be more pictures to share soon.

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Spring neighbor.

My magnolia tree last week

Theres a magnolia tree in my yard!

My magnola tree today

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