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Posted by Anne on June 13, 2010 at 6:55 am.

I had a lot of fun making this little gift set for a friend’s baby shower gift. The Michael Miller word search print seemed like a great fit for the child of one of one of my former newspaper colleagues.

Those letters can be tricky though. Cut out a funny little shape like the tie for that onesie, and words start popping up that you’re not sure are appropriate to emblazon on a little boy’s chest. Don’t worry. I think this tie passes the censors.

In addition to the applique onesie, I made a burp cloth using a pattern another sewing friend had passed on to me about a year ago. (Similar to this one on homemade by jill.) The contoured cloth is cut so that lays flat over your shoulder. I backed it with minky, and lined it with fleece for extra absorbency.

And a tag blanket!

Somehow it’s the simplest projects that always trip me up. I think I get a bit cocky. I’m all, “Oh, it’s just a square of fabric with little ribbons sticking out. I know how to do this! Easy peasy! La, la, la.” and cut and pin and sew and don’t pay much attention to what I’m doing…. until a half hour later when I end up with a finished blanket with ribbons stuck on the inside rather than popping out of the edges.


Don’t do what I did.

If you follow one of the many tutorials that are all over web (or the pattern in Simple Sewing for Babies, like I did), remember, when you’re pinning,

place your ribbons like this:

Not like this:

tag blanket don't

Or you’ll have to spend an hour ripping everything apart and putting it back together again. (Hmm.. maybe that’s what Peeps was trying to warn me about!)

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