Monthly Archives: December 2009

Merry Christmas

One great cookie recipe + one set of Fred ABC Cookie Cutters =

Birdhouse Mixtape Quilt

I really dig the simple, modern look of Oh, Fransson’s Mixtape Quilts, so I used my friends’ baby boy (due next month!) as an excuse to buy the pattern and try making one.

(This picture, obviously, is a couple of months old — my yard is now covered with snow, not leaves.)
I (re) learned a couple [...]

Party mix

The number of hits on my homemade thin mints post must mean I’m not the only one in the midst of a week-long marathon of holiday baking. All week I’ve been making and freezing dough for lemon cream cheese meltaways (a new recipe for me), thin mints (yum!), snickerdoodle pinwheels (a disastrous sticky dough experience [...]

Snow Day

Quick post: Chopstick placemat

Look what I made for my sister, the girl who could eat Asian food every day of the week and be one happy cat. Placemats with chopstick pockets:

I thought this idea was so simple and cute when I first saw it in “Simple Sewing.” It was a fun, quick project, and a good excuse to [...]