Birdhouse Mixtape Quilt

Posted by Anne on December 23, 2009 at 8:49 pm.

I really dig the simple, modern look of Oh, Fransson’s Mixtape Quilts, so I used my friends’ baby boy (due next month!) as an excuse to buy the pattern and try making one.

(This picture, obviously, is a couple of months old — my yard is now covered with snow, not leaves.)

I (re) learned a couple of important lessons while making this, including: read the full pattern before buying fabrics. I based the quilt around some Debbie Mumm fabrics featuring birds, birdhouses, and herbs since the mom-to-be likes birdwatching and gardening, but I didn’t realize when shopping that the fabrics would be divvied into pairs, and some of the ones I chose just couldn’t find a good partner. I ended up swapping in some complimentary fabrics I already had at home, and the quilt ended up being more orange-and-green than baby blue.

Still, overall, I like the way it turned out, and the way that the geometric pattern was well-suited for some straight line quilting.

Peeps gave me her approval, too. I hope the baby thinks it’s as cozy a quilt for rolling and snuggling as she did!

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