Monthly Archives: November 2009

The Shop Next Door’s Grand Opening

Hey Iowa blog readers (Mom), check it out. The Shop Next Door is open!

And it’s kicking off December with a Grand Opening Party tomorrow (Dec. 1) from 5 to 8 p.m. Organizers promise coffee and food, both of which are pretty much guarenteed to be good, since the shop is owned by the same folks [...]

Fun on the Farm baby quilt

If you’re a regular reader of Pearl the Squirrel, this quilt is old news.
But I’m gonna post it anyway. Quilt No. 3 for me, and my first joint sewing project: a colorful baby quilt for my work friend Sondra and her new baby girl, Emily.

Sondra and her family live on a farm (with livestock and [...]

P.S. I bought fabric, too

On our way out of Minneapolis, we stopped at IKEA!
I was hoping to find a new desk for my sewing machine. That didn’t pan out. But I did get some fabric! I had spied this “green annamoa” print online and hoped that the store would have it in stock.  It did!

I’m not sure what I’m [...]

i like you, Minneapolis

I love traveling on the weekend when Daylight Savings ends. It’s like a free hour of vacation.
So, Halloween weekend, (I know, I’m about two weeks behind here), we drove up to Minneapolis for:
1. A lot of great food, including breakfast tacos at Moose &  Sadies (below); burgers, tots, and beer at Bulldog Northeast (they had me [...]

Quilted coasters

Usually when I pick a sewing project, I’m looking for a little bit of a challenge. A chance to piece together colors or fabrics in new ways. An excuse  try a new pattern. A reason to learn a new technique (and since I haven’t been doing this very long, there are plenty of those).
But other [...]

Putting miles on my Birdie Sling

I’m starting to notice a theme in my travel photos. It goes a little something like this:
Anne in Chicago with a Birdie Sling over her shoulder.
Anne in Madison with a Birdie Sling over her shoulder.
Anne in Boston with a Birdie Sling over her shoulder.
Anne in Minneapolis with a Birdie Sling over her shoulder…
You get the [...]