Monthly Archives: September 2009

Mod Pod Quilt

Just when I think there’s no line of sewing nerddom that I have yet to cross, I find another: Sewing a quilt in an airport.
I wanted to take the quilt on the plane with me anyway. It was a wedding gift for a friend getting married in Boston. But it wasn’t quite done by the [...]

Coming soon…

The travel gnome and I are back from a fabulous week-long trip to the East Coast, where we celebrated the very happy occasion of an old friend’s wedding; got schooled on our nation’s history on Boston’s Freedom Trail; dodged taxis and texting-while-walking New Yorkers in Manhattan between visits to museums, shops, eateries, and a really [...]

Madison, part 2: craftiness

OK. So. After hours of ogling fruits and veggies and cheeses and flowers at the farmers market, I discovered another most-stop spot in Madison. This one has nothing to do with food. This one is all about craftiness: A little shop of handmade goods called Anthology.

I want to live there.