Madison, part 2: craftiness

Posted by Anne on September 3, 2009 at 9:34 pm.

OK. So. After hours of ogling fruits and veggies and cheeses and flowers at the farmers market, I discovered another most-stop spot in Madison. This one has nothing to do with food. This one is all about craftiness: A little shop of handmade goods called Anthology.

I want to live there.

Everything about the shop is fun and cheery, from its turquoise walls to its funny little buttons and whimsical journals made from old children’s books. I found inspiration galore, and picked out a few things to bring home, including a few of of those buttons. I couldn’t turn down Mr. Pickles. (Also, this is cool: You can make your own buttons using the shop’s button maker.)

One of owners (Anthropology is owned by two sisters) was happy to chat about the shop — and her Iowa ties (she’s a Cornell College grad) — but I was too overwhelmed with crafty goodness to remember much of our conversation, so here are a few interviews (with lots more photos of their great products) from elsewhere on the web:
Retail Therapy: Anthology on Heart Handmade
Anthology on State Street Gallery’s Weblog

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