Monthly Archives: July 2009

Stacked Coins Baby Quilt

I’ve wanting to share this for weeks! My first finished quilt!

I had be all hush-hush about it because the quilt was a gift for my friend Jill, who’s having a baby girl in September. Now, after a fun afternoon of gossiping, onsie-decorating, and cheesy ’80s movie watching (aka the baby shower), the quilt is in [...]

Farmers Market find

Why are tiny versions of everyday things always irresistibly cute?
I mean, these eggplants. They kill me.

Each one is about the size of your thumb. I found them at the farmers market on Saturday. The woman selling them promised that these little guys — they’re called Fairy Tale Eggplants (Look, even the name is adorable!) — [...]

Farmers Market Paparazzo

Yesterday morning I joined about 40 other local photographers to troll the Downtown Farmers Market as part of the Worldwide Photo Walk.
I’ll be honest. I wasn’t exactly enthusiastic when my husband told me he’d signed me up for a photo walk. I had an image of 40 people walking en masse down the street, SLRs [...]

My Guy’s got a Green Thumb

$2 at a neighborhood garage sale.
Worth every penny.
Hulk Smash!

An excuse to shop: Bags for a good cause

My time with Buttercup Bag No. 4 was short. It’s better that way, though. I was starting to get a little attached.
I made her Monday evening, photographed her before leaving for work Tuesday morning, and handed her over to the lovely ladies at Home Ec. Workshop several hours later during my lunch break.
She’s one of [...]

A Photo Booth 4th

Pardon me while I make one more post about our fab photo booth.

Last night we took the booth to 4th of July festivities in my hometown and had a blast. The booth was hopping for 5 hours straight. It was fun to have the diverse crowd that a community festival like a fireworks show attracts. [...]