Monthly Archives: June 2009

Summer glow

I might have a new favorite Freedom Festival event: The Balloon Glow.
I’m not sure who was having more fun at Brucemore last night: the kids (I especially loved the ones who would walk up the balloons in awe, shriek and run away at the roar of the burner blasting that hot propane into the balloons, [...]

The lazy girl’s guide to recovering a chair

I have a new chair for my sewing room!

Well, sort of new.
As in, everything you see in the above photo is new: the cherry red paint on the legs, the fabric covering the frame…
The actual chair underneath, though, well, that’s probably older than me.

My $5 Orla Kiely storage basket

I think I’m going to put together some sort of warning list: Signs of a woman newly obsessed with sewing. bookmarks dominated by tags like “diy” “sewing tutorial” and “fabric.” Check.
A Friday night happily spent chilling out with the sewing machine, a stack of fabric, and an iPod full of tunes. Check.
Sewing/craft blogs overtake Google [...]

Iowa strawberries

It was totally worth all the hassle of dodging umbrellas and skipping over puddles of water during this morning’s rainy Downtown Farmers Market to find this:

Fresh Iowa strawberries.
You don’t get bright yellow seeds like that on commercial strawberries shipped in from across the country. These are so pretty I almost don’t want to eat them. [...]