Monthly Archives: May 2009

Making a sewing studio

One of the funnest things about moving into a new house is making the space yours. Painting and picture-hanging and curtain-making — you know, all the things that bring a space to life and reflect the tastes and personality of the person living there.
Last summer my husband and I moved into what might be my [...]

Homemade chutney, or, who needs Stonewall Kitchen?

I have a weakness for gourmet chutneys and jams.
This weakness most often manifests itself while traveling. Because, inevitably, my husband and I will stumble upon a gourmet grocery or kitchen shop. And, inevitably, that gourmet grocery or kitchen shop will have samples. Very, very tasty samples. Samples of things like apple cranberry chutney and roasted [...]

My favorite Iowa spring things

Lilacs (In my backyard! Hurray!):

Rhubarb (From my very generous friend Noel’s backyard! Yay!):

My mouth is already watering for tarts and crisps and slumps and perhaps some preserves or chutney…

If you need me, I’ll be spending the rest of the holiday weekend looking for new rhubarb recipes, cooking new rhubarb recipes, and eating new rhubarb recipes [...]

Forbidden fruit

Sara is a good friend. For many reasons. But for the purposes of this blog today, she is a good friend because of her ability to rationalize (and therefore encourage) just about anything.

Of course, she uses these powers only for good. Like when encouraging me to spend nearly $30 on a case of hard-to-find produce [...]

Build me up, Buttercup

Now that my Mother’s Day gifts have reached their new owners, I can tell you how obsessed I am with the Buttercup Bag pattern over on Made By Rae.
The design is super cute, the directions are easy to follow, and the pattern gives me the perfect excuse to buy a fat quarter of fabric I’ve [...]

Chalk the Walk

I love the way Iowa comes alive in the spring. The grass greens, the flowers bloom, the temperatures rise, and suddenly there are festivals and outdoor events everywhere you turn.
I’ve been wanting to get to Mount Vernon’s annual Chalk the Walk festival since it debuted three or four years ago. This year I finally made [...]