Monthly Archives: November 2008

Mourn Pushing Daisies with pie

Oh “Pushing Daisies,” how I will miss your whimsical set, your quirky characters, your clever dialogue…. your homeopathic mood-enhanced fruit pies with Grueyere baked into the crust.
Wait. Stop. Strike that last item. I won’t miss those pies; not now that I’ve figured out how to cook up my very own Gruyere-crusted pear-apple pie (no additional [...]

Lunch, dinner and popovers

It’s been a while!
First: Two new lunch options in downtown Cedar Rapids!

The Prairie Soup Company, owned and operated by Ryan and Katy Buresh, serves homemade soups and sandwiches from their location on the second floor of the APEC building. 
Benz Beverage Depot is offering grab-and-go “European Lunches” featuring artisan or imported cheeses and sliced cured meats [...]