Monthly Archives: October 2008

Play with your food

Why didn’t I think of this when I had more CSA vegetables than I could eat?

What’s your cooking obsession?

I love this essay from Lee Stokes Hilton from Sunday’s New York Times: For This Baker, the Cookie Is a Canvas
I’m going into the city today,” I say.
“What for?” my husband asks.
I admit it: I am obsessed with sprinkles. I began to suspect as much when I went shopping for storage containers to hold my jars [...]

CSA, week 20

I’m a little behind, but here is the enormous final share we received from our CSA last week: lots of garlic and shallots, tomatoes, bell peppers, carrots, celeriac, a sweet potato, acorn squash, carnival squash, butternut squash, some greens and cilantro.
For a wrap-up of my and Carly’s first CSA experience, check out my column in [...]

Cupcakes take the cake

Since today’s column was all about cupcakes, I now present the top 3 reasons to love The Cupcake:
1. You get to eat an ENTIRE (cup)CAKE in one sitting. All by yourself. No sharing required.
2. An excellent cake-to-frosting ratio.
3. Endless potential for cute, clever and creative designs. 
The column hasn’t been posted to GazetteOnline yet, but you [...]

Eggplant, Indian style

Every time I go to Taste of India, I look over the entire menu and consider trying a new dish. The aloo gabhi (fresh cauliflower and sauteed potatoes stir-fried with ginger and mild spices) always sounds good, tandori chicken is an old favorite, and I have a hard time passing up lamb anything.
But ever since [...]

A faster way to make no-knead bread

If the process described in today’s column about no-knead bread seems daunting — it does involve 14 to 20 hours rising time — check out Mark Bittman’s new, speedier take on the recipe. The method, which was posted on last week, promises no-knead bread that can be baked in an afternoon.
Click here for the [...]