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CSA, week 9

Now we’re talkin’! Sure, the kohlrabi and greens and other spring veggies were fun, but mid to late summer is when the veggies I really love start coming into season. I was thrilled with this week’s CSA haul. Here is a photo of the full share: eggplant (!), zucchini (small and large), broccoli, beets, sweet [...]

Vegetable humor

Vegetable humor from today’s Dear Abby column:
“I’m an inveterate punster — ‘If I put a leafy green vegetable on the barbecue, will it be chard?’”
Abby advises the punster to keep his puns to himself. I disagree. Anyone else have a good food pun to share?

Wrapping up the kitchen remodel

Since March, I’ve written a few posts about the great kitchen remodeling project of 08.
We’ve been done for a while, but I wanted to wait to post the results until we had all the little details done. Once the kitchen was in working order again, the project slowed down a bit. There just wasn’t that same [...]

CSA, week 7

Week 7 of the summer of the CSA brings… more kohlrabi! This time it’s red, though, instead of green. (Or, at least, red in the same way that red onions are called red even though we all know they really look purple.)
I haven’t found a kohlrabi recipe that I really love yet. Any suggestions on a great [...]

The secret step to really great cookies

There’s a great story on about one of my all-time favorite foods: chocolate chip cookies.
Perfection? Hint: It’s Warm and Has a Secret
By David Leite
Published: July 9, 2008

TOO bad sainthood is not generally conferred on bakers, for there is one who is a possible candidate for canonization. She fulfills most of the requirements: (1) She’s [...]

CSA, week 6

We’re about a third of the way through the CSA season, and now even the cat is getting into this trying new vegetables thing.
Of course, he’s kind of a non-discriminate leaf and flower chewer. (If only he actually kept down all that greenery he pilfers.)
So, for week 6, along with the kale the kitty samples, we [...]