Monthly Archives: April 2008

Notes from Portland

I spent most of last week in Portland, visiting some old friends and their new baby. And their kitchen.
The good news: In my month without a kitchen of my own, I haven’t forgotten how to cook. (Though I did manage to fill the entire first floor of their condo with smoke while making Peach-Spiced Lamb Chops on a [...]

Peanut butter cookies win Bake-Off

I’m thinking maybe I should stop writing about food, and spend more time baking it. Specifically, cookies. More specifically, cookies like Carolyn Gurtz’s Double-Delight Peanut Butter Cookies.
Her simple recipe — it uses refrigerated cookie dough as its base — took the $1 million Grand Prize in this year’s Pillsbury Bake-Off. Oh, and she also won an [...]

Rebuilding the kitchen

Lessons learned in the first week of remodeling:
1. Just because everything in your kitchen has been working OK for the last 5 years does not mean your wiring is up to code. Budget for an electrician. That includes both time and money. Double both estimates.
2. Eating dinner on the couch is fun for one day. Maybe. [...]

Green grocery toting

Did you catch last weekend’s Saturday Accent cover story from young adult reporter Carly Weber? She wrote a short article about the BYO bag trend:

Paper? Plastic?
How ’bout neither.
Plastic is out. The petroleum used to make just 14 plastic bags is enough to drive a car a mile, according to a study by the [...]

Joining a CSA farm

After talking with CSA farmers and supporters for a story that ran last month, I was convinced that I needed to try one out. Everyone was just so enthusastic about the quality of food, the culinary challenges of using the ingredients (rather than the recipe) as your starting point when planning a meal, and the [...]

Pity the (April) fool!

In today’s column, I gave you Martha Stewart’s recipe for a meatloaf cake.
I first learned about meatloaf cake a couple of years ago when a friend forwarded me a link to’s meatcake. I love the T-bone frosting. Anyway, apparently the web site made the rounds. Black Widow Bakery has a photo gallery full of [...]