Monthly Archives: March 2008

A full Dumpster and an empty kitchen

There used to be a kitchen there! 
Thanks to some help (actually, A LOT of help) from my in-laws, we were able to tear down the entire kitchen on Saturday. It was a long day, but went much more quickly than we’d anticipated. (Especially since the tear-down crew was down to three while I took a very long lunch [...]

Ready to remodel

It’s been two days since we packed up the kitchen, and I already miss it! The cat, however, is enjoying free run of the newly doorless cabinets.

He only has one day left to play, though. The cabinets — and the walls — come down tomorrow.  Wish us luck.

A sweet send off: Two cupcake recipes

I decided to send my oven off on a sweet note by spending Sunday morning experimenting with cupcake recipes I found on other food blogs.
First, Billy’s Vanilla, Vanilla Cupcakes from “The Cupcake Queen” at 52 Cupcakes, because I. Love. Vanilla.
Second, a slightly modified version of Bailey’s Mint Chocolate Chip Cupcakes from Baking Bites, because Bailey’s [...]

From KCC: Chardonnay-Poached Oysters

Fresh shucked oysters, as I mentioned in today’s column, can be eaten raw. But it’s by no means the only way to enjoy them. Oysters in the shell can be served baked, steamed and grilled; shucked oysters can be batter-fried, sauteed, grilled or used in dishes like soups, stuffings and drinks.
Get your start cooking oysters with [...]

Where to go for CR’s best cheap eats?

Since we’re talking about my upcoming kitchen remodel, I could use some recommendations.
While my husband and I hope to use our grill and microwave to prepare some meals while our kitchen is, um, dismantled, we also know we’re going to end up eating a lot more restaurant food than usual.
What are your favorite places for good, inexpensive, [...]

Counting down the last days of home baking: Butter Brickle Biscotti

In approximately 7 days, there will be no more baking or broiling or simmering or sauteing in my house.
This is because in approximately 7 days my kitchen will be in shambles.
I’ve been wanting to remodel the usable but not very attractive kitchen in my 60-year-old home since I moved in about 5 years ago. Now [...]